Adamina Young
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 269

Trusting him will be her salvation or her doom.Fiona's father's death has left her clan without a Laird and in chaos. The lass has already faced one threat as evil men tried to manipulate her step-sister into taking the leadership from her. But now, Fiona faces the biggest challenge of her life, as being the oldest sibling, she will have to bring peace to her clan by gaining the elders' approval to become the leader.Before she can create a plan, Laird Clyde Greenock appears out of nowhere. Fiona had met the man a year ago, and his commanding presence and towering stature have not left her memory. She hopes that he is visiting them because he learned that she is looking for a husband to help her secure her position, but the truth is rather disappointing as he is there because his clan is facing serious problems too.Clyde tells Fiona that his position as a Laird is in danger because his ...
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