Jess Jolie
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 60

Introducing Mr. Scott: A curvy woman, billionaire lawyer romance. Book 2 of Billionaire’s Clique, a new billionaire series from bestselling author Jess Jolie.It seemed a little too good to be true...After my last relationship, ending with a trip to the emergency room, I felt afraid in men’s company.But not with him. SadieHe was funny and sweet, and not a bad dancer either. He is everything all the other men in my life failed to be; rich, successful, good looking and most importantly caring. I felt safe with him in his hotel suite in Houston, even if it was for one night. But it was for the best, since it seemed a little too good to be true.Five months later, I see him again in a local store, holding the same kind of wine we drank in his suite. I wish I could say that I had forgotten about him, but he was constantly in my thoughts.But I don’t belong in his world. Kevin Scott is perfect ...
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