Brian Hughes
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 749

Wander off the regular road with me as I shift onto the path of adventure.Steering towards satisfaction of that insatiable desire, I leaped out of the societal cog and escaped the mundane custom of the days. Accelerating faster and faster toward destinations of excitement.Sure, one could go alone, but to experience this way of life had to be shared. For one year I wrote in a journal to bring you with me. So you, dear reader, can live the adventures. To see what I saw with over 400 photos. With entries written from people who I met so you can meet them too. So, together, we can smile, sigh and be inspired.From exploring Ghost Town Bodie in California to exploring the Florida Keys. From hitchhiking to explore the kindness of strangers to living in the infamous Slab City for a month, I believe you will enjoy this ride traveling through life at 71mph!Dear reader, know that all of the ...
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