Gigi Templeton
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 120

I want him in such a desperate, dirty way, I can’t think of anything else…Leighton: Following a horrific breakup, all I want is to live drama-free. Then Lynx Henshaw struts through my door, looking every bit the raw and edgy rock star that he is and there’s just something about him that’s so…broken. His devilish grin and built-for-giving-multiple-orgasms body are difficult enough to resist. But then he starts pouring his heart and soul into the most amazing music I’ve ever heard and I’m totally lost—in him.Lynx: I’m covered in scandal that isn’t all fact. But I’m not interested in setting the record straight. It is what it is. Sh-t went down and I’m paying the price. Though, admittedly… Rock bottom’s not so bad when it comes in the form of a hotter-than-hell bartender with curves for days and glowing amber eyes that are richer than the whisky she pours at the dive bar where I’ve decided ...
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