Andrew Lee
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 95

What happens when one friend asks another friend to recount his reasons for believing in Christianity? A 30-page email with enough material for a book, apparently. Dear David is the candid retelling of one college student’s dubious return to faith, complete with the transformational realization that Jesus is a person to encounter, not some abstract puzzle to solve.For seekers and skeptics alike, Dear David is a memoir in letter-form that offers an explanation of Christianity without any smoke and mirrors—just a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor and blunt storytelling. It begins with the philosophical musings of any 21-year-old trying to make sense of the world. What is religion? Why are there so many? Is Jesus for real?It then shifts into personal narrative: how does a self-described agnostic figure out the real question to answer when it comes to the quest for absolute truth in ...
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