Lucia Ferguson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 120

How to Successfully Manage Adult ADHD Symptoms and Live a Healthy, Normal Life Do you always feel the urge to do something else while you’re working on a particular task? Do you speak impulsively and interrupt people a lot when you don't mean to? Have you walked into a room and forgotten why you went there in the first place? If you experience the above situations, you may feel like an inconvenience to others. You disappoint the people around you. You’ve been judged as being inappropriate, insensitive, and careless. Worst is, you feel like you look dumb in their eyes. You’ve tried hard enough. But none of your efforts seem to help you. You’ve just learned to be good at masking your condition simply to avoid these painful judgments. If you’re beginning to believe that you’re a complete disappointment and failure, this needs to stop — because you’re not. Having ADHD doesn’t mean you’re a ...
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