Kenna Kendrick
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 426

In the remnants of their cursed past, an unexpected love bloomed…Arianna experiences the worst kind of betrayal. Her father is murdered right in front of her eyes by the man she wanted to marry. Even worse, he takes her clan by force , and she has to flee. Her only hope — the protection of a ravishing Highlander who takes her with him to his castle.Fergus suffers a double loss. After hearing of his brother’s death, his mentor is brutally killed. He now has to return home and become the new Laird while protecting his mentor’s stubborn daughter. But, as the two of them travel together, their initial feelings begin to shift.As Arianna and Fergus learn more about each other, their attraction grows and becomes immense and unprecedented. After they fall hard for one another Fergus will do anything to get her clan back and enact revenge.But their enemy is cunning and strong, and even all of ...
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