Daniel A. Hart
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 214

Whether you want to raise goats for the money or just for the fun of it — you’ve come to the right place! Have you always wanted to have goats running around in your backyard but were intimidated by everything it would entail? Do you want to finally make the switch to freshly harvested milk and healthy home-grown meat? Are you looking for ways to get into the farming business but don’t know where to start? Whatever it is you’re looking to get out of the remarkably rewarding practice of goat-raising, as a beginner goat-owner it’s perfectly normal to have a million questions about the when, how, what and why of it all! In fact, most people actually give up on their dreams of starting their own goat farm before they even get started — and it’s all because they’re afraid that it’s just too complicated and overwhelming. “Who has the time for all that?”... Right? Well, you’ll be happy to know ...
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