R.K. Latch
Publisher: Broken Mind Publishing
Pages: 130

Wade is only nine. He’s had a rough life. And in 1944 Mississippi, there is nowhere for him to turn.He’s been abandoned time and time again. Staying alive is his top priority. Feeding himself is a close second.After years of surviving on his own, a kind, well-dressed man offers young Wade a place to stay for a few days. He tells Wade that his wife would be overjoyed to have a kid around the house for a few days.Whatever Wade expected, this isn’t it.Luthor and his wife, Gabrielle, are charming people. Or so they seem at first. But as young Wade soon discovers, people are not always what they seem. So did Wade jump from the frying pan into the fire? And if so, will he live to tell about it?A Winchester County novella. (a stand-alone series)
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4 stars from 38 ratings
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