Daniel I Stein
Publisher: RMC Publishers (November 7, 2021)
Pages: 196

You’ve decided to make a hobby of supporting these miniature marvels. Way to go! We all benefit from strengthening our connection with nature.Whether you are designing a hummingbird haven in your backyard, bringing some life to your apartment window, or just learning about the wild world around you, Attracting Hummingbirds will help you in the first days of planning, and as your experience and curiosity grows.In this book you will discover...The best flowers, plants, and trees to attract and support hummingbirdsThe three things you should never put in your hummingbird feederWhy hummingbird feathers seem to sparkle and shimmer in the sunlightJust how fast are they moving anyway?How to make your space safe for hummingbirds, avoiding predators and unwanted pestsThe different species of hummingbirds that live and visit your areaHow to make sure your feeders or flowers won't interfere with ...
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