Ember Pierce
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 416

Nellie has always prioritized educating her students over having children of her own, but she discovers family means more to her than she ever could have imagined.Nathan chose his new bride specifically so she could teach his kids—and he’s the one who ends up learning how to move on and open his heart again.When all her students leave town due to the ongoing drought, Nellie is afraid she’ll have to marry the selfish governor to avoid going back home to her demanding parents—until she receives an unexpected proposal from a widowed father the next town over.With his wife and parents buried on his farm, Nathan is willing to do whatever it takes to outlast the drought, even if that means marrying the schoolteacher the town can’t afford to pay. It seems ideal—neither is interested in anything more than a marriage of convenience.But when the governor seems uninterested in helping the ...
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