Ryne Douglas Pearson
ASIN: B0047DW68U
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 316

His plan...kill his way to the top. Her orders...stop him. At all costs. A killer who believes himself an artist of unmatched talent is incensed when he is placed last on the FBI's most wanted list, and begins killing off those fugitives above him, each in a twisted manner that serves his creative vision.But his horrific climb to the top, which leaves both guilty and innocent dead in its wake, must be stopped by FBI Special Agent Ariel Grace, who is given an almost impossible and equally inexplicable task -- save number five on the list.Or die trying. From its shocking opening to its pulse-pounding conclusion, Top Ten grabs the reader and never lets go. "An interesting twist on the serial-killer thriller"  Publishers Weekly praise for 'Top Ten'
Amazon Rating:
4 stars from 131 ratings
BookLending.com Rating:
4.5 stars from 2 ratings