Jinx Schwartz
ASIN: B005SZ14O8
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 359

From USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Jinx Schwartz!Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she's not afraid to use it!A globe-trotting engineer with adventure in her soul, Hetta is determined to solidify her relationship with her long-distance boyfriend, Jenks Jenkins. What better place for a romantic interlude than aboard her yacht in Mexico's hauntingly beautiful and solitary Sea of Cortez?>>>But where Hetta goes, trouble follows, and chaos is sure to ensue.After a run-in with a couple of sea serpents that threaten to rock the boat, she nevertheless decides to take on a project in the Mexican port city of Guaymas. After all, Jenks is headed back to Kuwait, so why not cash in on the best of both worlds by picking up a few pesos while living aboard her boat in Mexico?>>>Once again, Hetta's indomitable spirit, stubborn independence and penchant for deceit ...
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