Jay J. Falconer
ASIN: B0066AL1K6
Publisher: BookBreeze.com LLC
Pages: 427

Revolutionary Technology. Risky Experiments. Interstellar War.Physicist Lucas Ramsay hoped to usher in a new technological age of deep space exploration. However, instead of advancing science, his antigravity reactor triggers mass casualties across his home state. But the deadliest aftershock will come from beyond the stars when the ground-breaking experiment destabilizes an intergalactic realm belonging to a sadistic race of flesh-eating creatures. The aliens consider the penetrating gravity wave an act of war and won’t rest until they annihilate every last one of its newfound enemy.With Earth facing mass extermination, Lucas must survive certain death long enough to help find a way to stop an onslaught so advanced it defies human understanding of physics and time. However, he soon learns that nothing around him is as it appears to be when secrets are revealed, friendships are ...
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4 stars from 198 ratings
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4.5 stars from 2 ratings