Teddy Jacobs
Publisher: Wicked Evil Press
Pages: 158

Newly updated and corrected 2nd edition (February 2014) You swung a staff until you were ready to swing a sword. Then you went on all kinds of adventures -- fighting monsters, casting spells, and saving damsels in distress. At least that was how it was supposed to work, but I didn't believe a word of it. BOOK ONE OF THE EPIC FANTASY SERIES RETURN OF THE DRAGONS Locked in his room in the castle, young Anders yearns for adventure. Until the day he opens a magic portal and a girl bursts into his locked room with a chemical warlock hot on her trail. And adventure finds him -- an adventure full of danger, full of blood, fire, demons and evil. To face it, he'll need the sword given him by his blademaster, need the ancient words his grandfather gave him on his deathbed. Need the song that runs in his own blood, in his veins. A sword will be reforged, magic words discovered, battles ...
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 357 ratings
BookLending.com Rating:
3.5 stars from 3 ratings
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