Teddy Jacobs
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 272

"I loved this story! Karen and Stanley's connection was so sweet and funny. Stanley just steals your heart and you can't help pulling for him and wanting him to realize his full potential." ~ Amazon Reviewer KendaStanley's a typical teenage boy in all ways except for one: he might be turning into a werewolf. When two girls show interest in him romantically, his life takes more than one unexpected turn. Up until now, Stan's has had his hands full with his ferocious appetite and the school bully, but he quickly learns a girl with secrets of her own can unlock a deadly new threat. This is a coming of age urban fantasy for fans of the Dresden Files, Supernatural and Teen Wolf. "The plot is action packed but well paced so you can enjoy the fully developed, diversified cast of characters, and their adventures, but not get bored or overwhelmed. A must read for urban fantasy and mystery fans ...
Amazon Rating:
4 stars from 92 ratings
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4 stars from 3 ratings