Mary Gillgannon
ASIN: B0091W441Y
Publisher: Mary Gillgannon
Pages: 142

As the Romans threaten to overrun Britain and conquer her people, Sirona, a young Drui in training, seeks to use her visions to change the course of history. Along the way she encounters great danger and has her deepest beliefs challenged. Aiding her are her fellow students, Bryn, who loves Sirona and wants to be a warrior rather than a Drui, and Cruthin, who is obsessed with seeking out the mysteries of the Otherworld. Lady of the Moon is the first part of The Silver Wheel, an epic tale of the Celtic Britons and their struggle against the invading Romans. Combining history, romance, magic and mysticism, Lady of the Moon celebrates the eternal, elemental forces that guide all our destinies.
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