Rosemarie Naramore
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 151

Please note: This book was removed from publication for a time, in order to address the issue of the ever-changing name of one of the main characters. The author is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and vows never to spell a character’s name other than in the universally accepted form. Although the author searched the book to assure the character’s name was correct per her chosen spelling, and found no instances where it was not, to her surprise, the character’s name changed randomly after the digitalization process. (As the author is a computer illiterate, she has no idea why.) To remedy the problem of the ever-changing name, the character’s name has been changed to ‘Tyler’.***Libby Langstrom lives next door to a single father of two adorable children. When her work hours are cut, and her neighbor needs a babysitter, Libby volunteers to watch the kids. As she becomes ...
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