Lynn Red
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 206

From USA TODAY best-selling author Anya Karin writing as Lynn Red comes a steamy, seductive werewolf romance you'll never forget! New faces were hard to come by in Fort Branch, Arizona. From the moment she saw Damon, Lily Kyle's heart was stolen. He and Lily were inseparable, until he finally pushed her too far away.Despite the distance Damon put between them, Lily never stopped loving him.Motorcycle riding, rough-around-the-edges Damon King has a complicated life. He's trying to juggle existence after high school, while attempting to get back the only girl he ever really loved. On top of all that? Damon has to figure out his new role as Alpha of a scattered pack of werewolves.When Damon learns that Lily is more than just his high school sweetheart - she's his fated soul mate - he also realizes he's not the only Alpha in town. Will he be able to protect her, and drive ...
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