Brooklyn Ann
Publisher: Broken Angels
Pages: 337

She’s haunted by her past. .. He promises her a future...Akasha Hope trusts no one. Her parents were shot down by uniformed men, which forced her to spend most of her life on the run.She’s so close to getting out on her own, making her own dreams come true when he shows up and disrupts everything. Her new legal guardian. His kindness makes her suspicious, while his heart-stopping good looks arouse desires she’d kept suppressed. Silas McNaught, Lord Vampire of Coeur d’Alene, has been searching for Akasha for centuries.He’s perplexed to discover that the woman who has haunted his visions is anything but sweet and fragile. Her foul mouth and superhuman strength covers a tenderness he’s determined to reach.While government agents pursue Akasha and vindictive vampires seek to destroy Silas, they discover the strength in their love.Can they survive the double threat? If you’re ...
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