Sarah Clark
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 39

Are you a busy mom who works hard to keep it all together? Whether you are working all day outside of the home or inside of it, this book will help you conveniently make a delicious and nutritious chicken dinners for your family. When dinner time rolls around, things can sometimes be hectic. Take the time you normally spend preparing dinner and free it up! By using your slow cooker, you can prepare your dinner in the morning so at night all you have to do is spoon it onto the plates. Not only that, have you ever smelled a crockpot full of chicken, spices and vegetables cook all day in a slow cooker? It is heaven.This book will keep your dinners versatile and loaded with nutrition. Each recipe follows the Paleo diet guidelines which you may of heard about by now. This popular diet takes us back to the days of our ancient ancestors who at what they could hunt or gather. There was no ...
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