Terri Blackstock
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishing
Pages: 400

New York Times bestselling suspense author Terri Blackstock’s Restoration novels are now available as an e-book collection. Last LightDoug Branning’s mind raced to understand—planes were falling out of the sky, crashing, and burning?Night LightDanger lurks around every corner. Now it’s inside the Brannings’ home.Survival has become a lifestyle, and technology is a thing of the past as the Branning family learns that the power outage is worldwide. Everyone is desperate.True LightDeni Branning is growing closer to Mark, and she sees him as a hero, not a traitor. She and her family set out to find the person who really pulled the trigger. But clearing Mark’s reputation is only part of the battle. Protecting him from the neighbors who ostracized him is just as difficult.Dawn’s LightAs the power begins to be restored, the Brannings face their toughest crisis yet. Will God ...
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5 stars from 180 ratings
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