Elizabeth Ambrose
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Pages: 82

SummaryThe Paleo diet is a high fibre, high protein diet that helps you to lose weight, increase energy levels and improve your general wellbeing, among many other benefits. The Paleo diet eliminates eating processed food and includes a variety of lean meats, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, just like our primal ancestors ate. Having a good variety of recipes will make your journey even more enjoyable and the Argentinian Paleo cookbook is just perfect, as the Argentinian cuisine includes delicious indigenous, Spanish and Mediterranean flavours. This Number 1 Best Seller book includes:•Introduction to Argentinian cuisine•Background to the Paleo diet•Introduction to Paleo diet and what to eat and not to eat•How the Paleo diet works•Benefits of the Paleo diet•Breakfast recipes•Entrees recipes (or light lunches or side dishes)•Main dishes recipes, including meats, pork ...
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