Anna Fisher
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 110

THE FIRST BOOK OF A SUSPENSEFUL AMISH ROMANCE -- MUST READ FOR AMISH FICTION LOVERS! How do you keep a friendship alive when your best friend is courting with the man you love? Mary Studer has been in love with Willis Troyer ever since she started running along the same path that Willis and David walked along every Sunday. The only problem is that her best friend Sarah, who she would do anything for, has loved Willis for much longer, and Mary wouldn't dare betray her.Will Mary choose happiness with Willis, or will she preserve her friendship with Sarah? Enter the Amish world of Sugarcreek, where among the peaceful rolling plains is a tale of four friends and their struggle to find love and happiness in impossible circumstances. This is the first book in the serialized "Amish of Sugarcreek Romance" series. While it can definitely be enjoyed alone, the second book is available as a ...
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