Bobby Adair
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 607

Survive the infection. Survive the Infected.A new strain of the flu is spreading across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Disturbing scenes are flooding social media and the 24-hour news channels. People are worried. They're frightened. Too many dismiss the stories as infotainment hype.But the virus is here. It's running through the alleys and clawing its way into the suburbs. And it's in your parents' living room, in the veins of a deranged man murdering your mother.Do you run? Do you freeze in fright? Or do you fight?The Slow Burn Series Book 1 – Zero Day Book 2 – Infected Book 3 – Destroyer Book 4 – Dead Fire Book 5 – Torrent Book 6 – Bleed Book 7 – City of StinBook 8 – GrindBook 9 – SanctumStart the adventure.
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