Melody Grace
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 259

Millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Melody Grace’s USA Today bestselling contemporary romances. Discover the passion and romance waiting in Beachwood Bay… "My daddy always told me you could never run out of second chances..."Tegan Callahan has sworn off bad boys for good. Growing up on tour with her rock star brother, she knows first-hand the damage they can do. She's looking for a nice, safe, stable guy - until a chance encounter with a devastatingly sexy stranger makes her question everything she thought she wanted.A troubled soul...Ryland James arrives in Beachwood Bay on the run from his mistakes. He knows he's the last thing Tegan needs, but somehow, he can't stay away. There's something about her fierce beauty that draws him in - and makes him vow to protect her, whatever the cost.A passionate destiny...Their bond is undeniable; the stakes, higher ...
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