Margaret Lake
Publisher: Jobree Publishing
Pages: 350

Sequel to The Brave Heart and Listen to Your HeartThe Bold HeartJanuary, 1937 - Jackie Manning Bradshaw. She’d inherited Jack Manning’s bold heart, tempered once in a very great while by her stepfather’s gentle upbringing and her mother’s practical nature. But as far as Jackie is concerned, she’ll need that bold heart to work her way onto the Broadway stage; the only place she’s ever wanted to be.Bill, Nan, and Eddie, Jackie’s best friends in acting school. Their destinies are intertwined in ways that none of them could ever have imagined. Alistair Dane producer, director, mentor, and ladies’ man. Will Jackie fall under his spell or will he fall under hers?From the bright lights of Broadway to the silver screen to a war-torn Europe, Jackie finally comes home to find her own true heart at last.
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