Morris Fenris
Publisher: Changing Culture Publications
Pages: 134

Conquering fears, rebuilding faith, letting go of the past.This Christian romance book will have you laughing and crying.A feel-good story of love, heartbreak, happiness, friendship, and happily-ever-after.Tyler Jameson had made his living riding bulls for the Pro Bull Riders association and he’s been very successful at it. Sure, he’s had some injuries, and he’s even watched some of his fellow riders sustain life-altering injuries. When he runs into Michelle Cottrell at the Denver Coliseum during a rodeo, he wonders if the attraction they had felt for each other before leaving Cathedral Hills was still there.Michelle had finished her social work degree in Wyoming and was interning with the State of Colorado when she ran into Tyler once again. She was moving to Denver, and Tyler was based out of Colorado Springs. Her high school crush was alive and well, but their lives were going in ...
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