Vivienne Savage
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 152

Standalone romance with adult content, no cliffhanger.After years of abuse, Daniela Reyes escapes her marriage to strike out on her own. With a rented house near the wilderness and a sexy neighbor down the road, life seems typical until she finds a black bear snoozing in her new hammock. Despite warnings, she feeds her wild friend and watches him return day after day. Her bear is the ideal distraction from the ex who won’t let her go.Russell Hawkins has dedicated his entire life to protecting others. When the death of his wife drives him to retire from the Army, he settles in a remote community for the peace, quiet, and privacy to be himself. As a werebear, he roams the woods with his dog, the perfect diversion from his grief -- and the voluptuous divorcee down the lane.Can a war vet with a secret and a woman with a painful past find their happy future together?Author's Note: Be ...
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