William Stacey
Publisher: Bastard Sword Press
Pages: 504

Black Hawk Down meets the Lord of the Rings!From former army officer William Stacey comes Starlight, the first book in an exciting new blend of urban fantasy and military adventure.Magic is returning.And so are our ancient enemies.When University drop-out Cassie returns to her small rural town, she's certain she’ll spend the rest of her life in the remote wilderness of northern British Columbia. No future, no hope. But everything changes in one storm-filled night.Now, Cassie can wield magic.Alex is Special Forces. Highly trained and superbly motivated he’s part of a secret unit tasked with inter-dimensional travel to another world—a deadly world filled with monsters of myth and magic. But Alex and his team have opened a door they should have left closed.And now something has followed them back to our world.If you like Weston Ochse, Myke Cole, Jim Butcher, Michael Anderle, and Bob ...
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5 stars from 162 ratings
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