T.K. Leigh
Publisher: Carpe Per Diem, Inc (October 13, 2015)
Pages: 456

I should have resisted him, but I couldn't, too weak to fight the devil himself. And Tyler Burnham was the devil. He used me. He lied to me. But he loved me. And he still does.Unable to stop thinking about the man who deceived her, Mackenzie Delano struggles to move on with her life and forget that Tyler Burnham ever walked into her life. But she still aches for him, despite his betrayal. Her mind is at war with her heart, a war that could be the difference between living and dying.Tyler Burnham is lost without Mackenzie. As he contemplates the meaning of everything, he tries to find a way to prove that his feelings for her are true. That he would walk through fire to keep her at his side. That he would sacrifice it all...his career, his fortune, his life...to protect her.He may just have to...
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5 stars from 246 ratings
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5 stars from 3 ratings