Morris Fenris
Publisher: Changing Culture Publications
Pages: 115

Every ending has a new beginning.Welcome to Silver Springs, Colorado and the Three Brothers Lodge. Justin Donnelly and his two younger brothers have turned their uncle’s outfitting and guide service into a profitable business.Justin, the oldest, felt a responsibility to his brothers with the passing of their uncle. With their mother dead decades earlier, and no idea who any of their fathers were, they only had each other.Jessica Andrews was running away from her messed-up life. The child of missionary parents, she blamed God for all of her trials and the losses she’d suffered throughout her life. Having abandoned God on all fronts, she’d tried to manage her own life, and after being duped by her supposed boyfriend of three plus years, she didn’t even believe she could trust in herself.In a rash decision, she takes a job in a little Colorado mountain town, hoping to start again ...
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