Michaela Greene
ASIN: B019G1F61G
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 213

Vicky Blumenfeld has it all: the husband of her dreams, a great job at his pediatric dental practice where she’s the envy of all the patients’ moms, a great set of friends and plenty of money in the bank. The only thing she doesn’t have is kids. And she’s okay with that. Until her husband delivers an ultimatum: either she gives him kids or a she gives him a divorce. Realizing they want different things out of life, Vicky reluctantly packs her bags, throwing her perfect life and marriage away because she can’t ever see herself as a mother. But a few weeks later, she finds herself in a family way. With her life turned upside down by a couple of lines on a pregnancy test, Vicky has to make a choice—one that will change her life forever no matter what she decides. Life, Sideways is a book about the journey of life and how unexpected speedbumps along the road can look an awful ...
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