Jacie Middlemann
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 256

Refuge on Leebrick is the fourth book in The Hills of Burlington series. It is a story of family, both the one we were born with and those we meet along the way.Tom Holland arrived in Burlington after making a couple of life-changing decisions. One of them he would never regret…the other he was still wrestling with. He’d been considering that he needed a change in his life…his career but hadn’t been able to push himself into action. After the last couple of weeks he realized it was no longer a consideration, it was a necessity.When he chose Burlington as his destination it wasn’t with a dart tossed at a map. In large part it was because the city was the new home of an old friend…his college roommate. A man who wasn’t just a good friend but a trusted one as well. Yet it was something more than friendship, more than needing a new job…there was something more that drew him ...
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