Lisa Ladew
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 252

For him it was love at first sight but as they connect in a deeper way, her secrets threaten to get them both killed.*standalone novel. Part of the Rosesson brothers series*Bronx Rosesson, a newly sworn in San Francisco firefighter, accidentally irritates a woman he finds incredibly attractive, if slightly forbidden to him. Instead of retreating and licking his wounds, he pursues her. In his effort to redeem himself, he manages to get close enough to her to discover that she is hiding something monumental. He never imagines just how dangerous that something could be.The last thing on Eme Avalon's mind is love, but when she meets Bronx his goofy charm and single-minded focus on her disarms her completely. Will the secrets she is hiding kill any chance for her and Bronx to be together? Or will they end up killing one or both of them instead?
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