Claire Farrell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1060

Books 4-6 in the Chaos series (including bonus novella, Kings).UsurperIt’s been a year since Cara returned to the human realm with her daughter, and the fae have come knocking again. The game of kings is still being played, power is the ultimate prize, and Scarlet is an asset every court wishes to acquire. As Sadler’s next move is revealed to be his deadliest yet, and Scarlet’s burgeoning powers begin to develop into something that can’t be hidden, Cara realises that something more significant than a faery promise is needed to protect her family. It’s time for her to build on what she started in Sadler’s court. But although the game is seductive, the price of winning might be too costly for a human to pay.BlightAs the blight spreads, destroying the land, Cara’s new subjects turn on her, and Brendan and Drake are no longer there to help her. The Darksiders thought she’d ...
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