Bree Wolf
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 102

A list of suitors. A rational-minded lady. And a gentleman who vows to win her hand.When it comes to choosing a husband, LADY WINIFRED is at a loss. The only man who constantly occupies her thoughts is her brother’s oldest friend. However, Trent Henwood, Earl of Chadwick, could not be more unsuitable…at least for her.Although he may be titled, wealthy and handsome, his personality constantly clashes with hers. And Winifred is much too reasonable to choose a match based on love alone.TRENT HENWOOD, EARL OF CHADWICK, has been in love for as long as he can remember. Equally long has he been aware of the fact that Winifred would never accept him.Settling for being her friend, Trent finds his worst nightmares realised when the woman he loves starts to look for her future husband…anyone but him.Desperate, Trent turns to her brother for help, and Griffin actually has an idea.However ...
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