Christopher D. Schmitz
Publisher: Treeshaker Books
Pages: 259

Yesterday she sat in Freshman she's running for her life.What's chasing Claire should not exist.She's convinced a homeless, ex-classmate is stalking her. Rob says he can travel between alternate realities, but he also claims he can shape-shift and that Claire has magic in her veins... and that only her blood has the power to unleash the great Devourer God and breach a gate that must never be opened.Rob might be crazy, but he would never hurt her. Would he?If Rob's a lunatic, then why is everyone trying to kidnap or kill her? They all want Claire's blood and a powerful warlock and his cultists are chief among them... and he's been close to her for longer than she realizes.Claire doesn't even believe in the supernatural! That doesn't stop it from chasing her.She knows she can't run forever.But can she fight?Get it now, and beware the wolf.
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