Aria Grace
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 92

Nothing is worse for an Omega than being exiled to the Barren Sea. As a breeding omega with royal blood, Ezra had one purpose to fulfill. He was raised to carry healthy royal babies to term for the royalty in Carrington. But after several failed attempts at pregnancy, Ezra was no longer welcome to stay in his home. As with all infertile omegas, he was exiled to Barren Isle to live his days in isolation with other unwanted omegas.Myles Oswald was a respected banker, running the establishment his father started when he was a goldsmith. But after an unscrupulous merchant empties all the coin from his former partner’s account, Myles is left responsible for the shortage. Despite his willingness to return the funds from his personal fortune, his life is the only payment the client is willing to accept. Myles is left with no choice but to flee his village and take refuge on a merchant ship. ...
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