L. Ron Hubbard, Dean Wesley Smith, Mike Resnick, Rebecca Moesta, Rob Prior, Christopher Baker, Carrie Callahan, David Cleden, Preston Dennett, Andrew
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Pages: 400

Let your imagination run wild. If you’re ready to travel to a universe of mystery, sacrifice, and suspense, where the laws of physics are optional, book your journey here.On this odyssey of enchantment, enlightenment, and endless possibility, you will meet a murderer who’s out to save mankind, a cyborg who robs the dead to rescue the living, and a lost boy who holds the key to peace. Discover visions of the world, of mankind, and of the future that are sure to open your eyes. Every illustration will touch you. Every word will move you. Every idea will take you by surprise. Just imagine.Bonus: Learn how to write or improve your craft with tips from award-winning and bestselling author and editor Mike Resnick and New York Times bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard. Internationally renowned artist, Rob Prior, shares tips of the trade for aspiring illustrators. “It’s one of the forces that ...
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5 stars from 63 ratings
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