F.K. Sewell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 378

'Shadows of Fortune' is the second book in The Cavendish trilogy.Stranded in Port Royal in the aftermath of the earthquake that took her family home, Vesta must deal with the loss of her parents and accept her brother Nicolas's decision to set sail without her. Alone on land, she must adapt quickly and forge a new survival plan as events spiral beyond her control...Having been pitched head-first into life aboard a Navy vessel, Matthew is fighting to find his sea legs, whilst steadfastly ignoring his developing feelings for the carpenter. Determined to avoid trouble, he tries to fit in with the officers aboard, whether he can trust them or not...Nicolas Cavendish is set on becoming a renowned pirate, keeping his lover Christina happy and their young son safe. However, as his reputation grows so do the constant dangers and as they mount up, the strain begins to tell.All three of them must ...
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