Marc Secchia
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 598

United by flame. Divided by all else.Flame-haired heiress Tytiana has it all. She enjoys wealth, power, privilege, and a growing reputation as a scientist and botanist serving the lucrative silk trade of Helyon Island. But amongst her peers, being a peg-legged redhead beauty bears a terrible price. She is a pariah.>>>Born Into the Lowest Rungs of Society, His Fate Will Take Him to Unimaginable HeightsJakani, the son of an immigrant Dirt Picker and a disabled mother, has nothing. Born into abject serfdom, the rebellious Easterner relies on his wits, dubious honour and infallible nose for trouble – until fate throws him together with Tytiana, and sets them both ablaze.Only, who is the moth and who is the candle?>>>Marauders Sowing ChaosAs the pirate Dragon cabals move in power against Helyon, sowing mayhem and destruction, Jakani and Tytiana must race against time and the terrible ...
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