Michelle Betham
Publisher: Michelle Betham
Pages: 360

* Second Edition - This book has now been revised and re-edited. * The last thing freelance photographer Nina expected to find herself doing was following an electronic dance music DJ around Europe. She was more used to photographing rock stars and models, in fact, that’s what she was supposed to be doing this summer – hitting some of the biggest music festivals and photographing some of the world’s hottest rock stars. Instead, she’s playing the good Samaritan. Doing a friend a favour. And now she’s about to spend the next couple of months around people she doesn’t know, music she doesn’t like, in a world she knows nothing about. But, in a way, she could do with the distraction. For too long Nina had been a magnet for the wrong kind of man. Men who’d made her cynical about love, ruined her belief in happy-ever-afters, so immersing herself in a whole new world, just for a little while – ...
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