N.J. Cooper
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 384

Imperium Academy is a boarding school for the magical creatures of the supernatural realm, a place that 18-year-old, Kyla Rhodes shouldn't know exists. She's meant to be human. But a split soul, a bunch of nightmares coming true and an ancient prophecy say otherwise. Now she's in the middle of a fight between good and evil while falling in love with a forbidden Prince all because she holds the key, a garnet gem necklace, that means she is the Oracle from the First prophecy. Faced with the responsibility of defeating an evil sorcerer from the Prophecy, Kyla must learn how to control her new powers and kill him before he kills her, all while fighting her forbidden feelings from the Prince of the realm, Zarek Kalan. Can Kyla learn how to play her part in the Prophecy quick enough to make a difference or will her feelings for the Prince jeopardize everything?
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5 stars from 4 ratings
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