Meg Buchanan
Publisher: Range Road Press
Pages: 735

Book 1- The Remittance. London 1874- When his friend William Hennessey turns up on his doorstep at midnight needing somewhere to hide, John Willis doesn’t realise how drastically his life will change. A few days later, he and William are booked on an immigrant ship bound for New Zealand. When they board The Remittance , they discover William’s father has booked them into steerage and instead of the allowance William was expecting he only has three hundred pounds to live on. John has even less money. William decides his father has arranged things this way as some sort of test, or punishment, and he’ll obey him and go to New Zealand. John isn’t sure about his decision to accompany William until he sees Daisy Hammond on the deck of The Remittance and sets about winning her heart. During the voyage, William meets Charlotte. She’s going to NZ to start a high-class brothel and is ...
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