Michelle Ziegler
Publisher: Hearth Publishing
Pages: 40

Dragon vs Christmas - what could go wrong?My mate hasn't enjoyed life on Earth much, and I'm determined to change that. Between my brother Kal, and myself this should be easy except that's pretty much not how anything on Earth goes. All we need to do is find out what the best holiday is and do that. Thank's to a wonderful bartender we're on mission Christmas. Lilly deserves everything, she is my everything. Why the heck do you have someone dress up in a red suit, though? And what's with these twinkling lights. Things just got festive. **This book is part of a series, and although can be read alone is more fun if you read in order. This one is a fun look at the life of the dragons when not running from bad guys.**
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4.5 stars from 30 ratings
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