C.M. Stunich
Publisher: Sarian Royal
Pages: N/A

There’s one girl you don’t mess with at Prescott High, not unless you want them to come for you.Those dirty, rotten Havoc Boys might be a gang to everyone else, but they’re family to me.My f*ckbuddy. My first love. My husband. My challenger. My confidante.There’s trouble brewing in the halls of our high school, and it’s spilling into the streets.Once upon a time, Havoc held Prescott in an iron grip.But for senior year, we want the whole goddamn city.This year, we’ll have to drop bodies if we want to own the underground.Good thing that’s something we excel at.The Havoc Boys are artists, their brushes made of bone, their paint a brilliant ruby red.One Havoc Girl for five Havoc Boys.I wear the crown; I warm their beds; I hold their leashes.We’re going to take back our school, our city, our lives—I’m just praying to whatever vengeful god will listen that the price for ...
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